For the first time ever, NECA’s Annual Convention and Trade Show is coming to you!

NECA 2020 LIVE will take place Oct. 6–8 entirely online.

NECA is harnessing cutting-edge technology to deliver all the benefits of the NECA Convention—including an interactive trade show floor, extensive educational opportunities, and inspiring talks—as well as all the freedom that comes from an online experience. An emphasis was also made on making this event accessible and valuable to NECA members amidst these uncertain times, enabling them to send more members than ever and continue to develop talent within their companies.
In planning the virtual convention, NECA is focusing on a “Five-Star Approach” to create a brand-new experience. NECA 2020 LIVE is designed to Expand, Educate, Engage, Entertain, and Excite.


By widening the audience this year, we hope to provide true value to everyone through a new virtual lens. This is not just a NECA event. This is a business-to-business solution for the electrical industry.


NECA has expanded its online educational offerings substantially this year, and the convention will offer more options with more relevance to help contractors address the unique issues they face today.


Engagement will take a new turn but will be an important aspect of the event, despite its virtual nature. It will allow attendees to interact with more—and more varied—people than ever before.


One of the main goals of the program is to make it fun: games, contests, and live music performances will support personalized interactivity.


NECA plans to build anticipation for this event and promises to blow it out of the water. It will be an educational tool for contractors like no other.